Olive Oil Glass Bottle


100% Italian

0.50 LT

Excellent density, light dim. Green with hits of golden yellow.

Medium “olive flavour”; herbaceous scent with elegant marks of fresh olive. Vegetable notes with a slight artichoke inkling.

This extra virgin accentuates the flavour and quality of every dish, whether raw or cooked. For daily consumption.

Cultivar: Blend of the best selection of olives: 40% Moraiolo, 40% Frantoio, 20% Leccino
Altitude: 350 meters above sea level
Soil: Calcareous
Farming Method: Organic
Harvesting Period: Early ripening, end of October/Beginning of November
Harvesting Method: Hand picked only
Pressing: Ecologically continuous cycle with non-filtered cold pressing within 24 hours of harvest
Production: Limited, in secure bottles of 0.50 LT
Conservation: Store in a dry place away from light and heat sources at a temperature of 13/15°C.
Quality System: HACCP (hygienic sanitary auto-control system)

Weight .850 kg

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